Clothing Swaps Are Always In Style

When your closet needs refreshment and you want to go green, save some green, or both, a clothing swap is just what you need. I recently spoke at a local swap (and got in on the fun, too) and liked not only the trades but that it brought a community together. If you'd like to organize your own for your friends or a broader group, here are some rules that will make your clothing swap go swimmingly:

  1. Come with 5 – 12 items of clothing or accessories to add to the swap collection pool. Clothes must be clean and in good condition. If you wouldn't pass it on to your best friend, please leave it at home. What to bring: dresses, pants, skirts, tops, shoes, bags, scarves, hats, jewellery, and a few friends. What NOT to bring: earrings, swimwear, underwear, nightwear, and children's clothes.
  2. When the swap begins, pick any garments and accessories up to the amount you added to the swap collection pool. 
  3. At the end of the swap, you can choose to take home remaining items that have not been taken or leave them to be donated to a local nonprofit.

Easy peasy: your closet feels lighter, your pockets don't, and you're on your way home with a haul that's new to you. Happy swapping!