Putting Your Child In The Story

Last year for Christmas, my husband and I got Petra a personalized book. She beamed at seeing her own picture in the front dedication and was so excited, we immediately read it together five times in a row, and many more before school started up again and took it for show-and-tell. The one question she did have was "which one is Petra?" The story was an illustrated, general one that substituted her name for any other and although it was a hit, that was the one chink in the armor. Enter Mumablue.

I'd contacted Mumablue with a question and suddenly, I was going to review one of their books. I hoped it would get my seal of approval but y'all, it exceeded my expectations and I was thrilled when they said I could host a giveaway to celebrate their books! Here's a peek at how the Mumablue customization works both on the site for you and behind the scenes.

And here's a look at the one I made for my daughter, Petra:

There is a ton of work that goes into these beautiful books and it shows. Take a look at the Mumablue site and see what your child will look like in print and don't forget to head over to my Facebook page to enter my giveaway, running until August 19.