Look and Find Bags

Look and find bags are a great project for little hands to make on a rainy day (or a snowy one because goodness knows we get enough of those in Canada) and offers your child some busy fun on car rides, at restaurants, or while you're getting some dishes done. Here's how to make your own look and find bag:

  • Invite your child to go on the hunt for tiny things that won't be missed. (No to puzzle pieces, yes to treat bag swag.)
  • Take inventory of the collection and either make a list, have your child draw each item, or draw them yourself.


  • Allow your child to fill the bag with the found items and rice.  Seal up the bag and (optional) tape it closed.
  • Play! Let your child see how many hidden items they can check of the list by tipping, shaking, and manipulating the bag. The play can also move the other way around, first deciding on an item on the list and then finding it.

Your child will benefit from the creative and sensory components of this 3D take on the classic look-and-find book... and as a parent who could use one less itsy-bitsy thing to step on, you'll benefit by clearing a bit of clutter! 😂 Win win, really.