Gap Remix A Hit For Me

Yesterday's Business Insider headline, "Gap is selling 'one-of-a-kind' sweatshirts for $200 — and it's a desperate mistake" drove me to check out this reportedly ill-advised venture called Gap Archive Reissue Logo Remix and, surprise, what I found there is a collection I can only hope inspires other retailers. Yes, you read that right. I hope the industry gets inspired by *Gap*. 

The clothing industry creates a ton of waste. Wait, not a ton, that's inaccurate. It's more like billions of tons every year when you add up the excess fabric on cutting room floors, water polluted during manufacturing, and the astronomical amount of post-consumer clothing that ends up in landfills. It's... just many tons, guys. Ugh.

What Gap is marketing right now fulfils both the consumer's desire for newness and capitalism's requirement for money in the machine but still minds Earth's plea to take it easy. The Logo Remix collection sees items of clothing that ended up in a warehouse and would otherwise be considered garbage Frankensteined together into wearable, interesting pieces. 

So while Business Insider is suffering from sticker shock (despite the deconstruction and sewing being done right in Gap's New York studio, might I add), I applaud the innovation. A second life is being had by these garments while meanwhile, many unsold clothes at other stores are put in dumpsters, slashed first of course so that people can't make use of them. Shame on you, Business Insider, for understating the true cost of fashion. 

Gap's Archive Reissue Logo Remix is simply a hit for me.