Making Mommy Connections

Like any new mom knows, the day-to-day bits of life change an unbelievable amount when you’ve got that fresh little person in tow. It’s time-consuming, it’s schedule-altering, and it’s all done on very little sleep. If you just had your first baby and your best friend has a two-year-old, the disparity between your lives seems as vast as having five kids vs none at all. Babies are just a DIFFERENT ANIMAL, and it means that connecting with other moms in the same boat is everything. It’s important to bounce ideas off people who are also currently dealing with teething and being awake in the middle of the night, to have your babies interact with others their age, and to straight-up commiserate. How did you connect with other mamas? I recently completed an ambassadorship for Mommy Connections Saskatoon which was a great way to meet women just like myself. Here’s a little recap of the program.

mommy connections raising a little.jpg

Mommy Connections offers classes for moms who have babies of various ages: since Paris was about seven months, we did Mom and Baby Active. The Active class isn’t at all intense so don’t be nervous about registering if you haven’t exercised in ages, but if you’re more into the socializing aspect, there is another class available with a weekly guest speaker and more visiting time. The first morning of my Mommy Connections session, we met at Market Mall, a mall I know WELL as a mom, and we heard about carriers from Raising A Little. (My carriers have been lifesavers with both of my kids.) Then we went for a speed-friending walk, changing partners and getting to know each other. It was a win!

Subsequent mornings included a Work Out With Me class by We Move SK, a diastasis recti check-up and exercises with Warman Physiotherapy & Wellness (here’s a link to my instagram post about that one), a talk about the pelvic floor and exercises with Kinetik Rehab, a full-body circuit with Pave Fitness (check my insta post for more on that, too), and a mom and baby photoshoot with Kerry’s Photography. I missed out on swimming with K & K and a class with Fitbump, but you get the idea. Lots of different activities and always time to chat with mom friends.

maygen kardash and paris kardash

Group photo & photo of Paris and I by Kerry’s Photography, other photos taken by our facilitator Crystal or program director Jenny.

Paris and I just want to say to program director Jennie Vessey, facilitator Crystal Kautzman, and all of the awesome ladies in my Mommy Connections class: thanks for the fun! I’m looking forward to catching up with some of my new friends soon as playdate plans firm up. :)