A Fancy + Frozen 4th Birthday Party

When my daughter, Petra made her debut the night before Christmas Eve, I promised her I’d do my best to always celebrate her birthdays independent of the biggest holiday of the year. Already, I’d kinda messed up: I expected her to stay snug in me for a couple more weeks and hadn’t bought her a thing for Christmas. When her 1st birthday came along, I was ON IT with a huge dance party at Studio One— I put effort into her 2nd and 3rd, too., so when her 4th came along and I asked what her dream party would be, she surprised me with telling me, “I just want a couple friends over for a fancy tea party.” Huh. Tea, I can do! And, being that it’s a winter wonderland as of late, I thought to make it a Frozen tea party, complete with a surprise visit from a special guest. Here’s a peek at our day!

I’m on a waste-not mission (if you must be reminded, ha!) so I found some Frozen decorations on a Facebook buy and sell site and added polished touches like my late grandma’s bone china, beautiful cloth napkins my mother gifted me last Christmas, and a metallic table runner. I also had the cutest crown cookies made (see title pic) by Seki Designs and as a whole, I think it struck the right balance between elegance and character fun.

If you follow my Instagram stories, you’ll know that I royally screwed up the first cake, greasing the pan heavily with butter and not knowing it would BOND LIKE GLUE TO THE PAN, so it was with relief that I got a tip from King Arthur Flour to spray the pan with Pam and sprinkle sugar on it to further guarantee its safe release. As you can see, it was a success! Phew. First cake I’ve ever decorated and with its icing-sugar snow and flags made from toothpicks, paper, and a glue gun, I think it turned out super cute!

I mentioned there was a special guest involved… and I think the look on Petra’s face says it all. Queen Elsa from A Dream Come True (oops, I mean, Arendelle!) came to play some games, give makeovers, read her story, and sing her signature song and I’ve gotta say, the lady has pipes. They were not using autotune in her movie. Even the moms were tearing up a bit, it was magic.

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Safe to say my little princess enjoyed her day. It was a small party attendee-wise thanks to it being the first guestlist put together completely by Petra, but it was definitely a stand-out! Hope you enjoyed the little retrospective— honestly, probably best I blogged it or the pics would just be sitting on the camera until her 5th birthday. (Anyone else guilty of that?)

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The ONLY touch of Christmas was the gift-opening but pretty sure the kids weren’t focused on the tree. Thanks to Petra’s friends and their mamas, to my husband for wrangling Paris, and to Elsa.