FEEDBACK REQUIRED: Inflatable Swan Debate

So... my mom bought my daughter this oversized inflatable swan (pictured) because we're heading to the beach and obviously the swan is awesome. I just threw the box into a suitcase so it's ready to go when we do. What in this story could be subject to debate, right? Well, someone (my husband, Tyler) thinks it's ridiculous and that we should just leave it at home for local, non-ocean summer use. We are deadlocked and I agreed to get another opinion, so it's YOU. I'll ask you to please consider our arguments and give your actual opinion/ what you would do.

Tyler: We are not bringing this thing. It's huge and requires that we also buy and pack a pump so we can cut the blow-up time down from all day to half an hour. Both the box and the pump take up luggage space, and that's before the swan is ever taken out of the box. Once it's deflated, how will you stuff that sandy, wet, crumpled plastic back in the box? Also, it's not meant for an ocean. Apart from not being suited to choppy waves, what happens when we're not using it? The wind will blow it all over the place (think about it: we'll have a stroller, a kids' sun tent, and a ten-foot swan?!) and we'll have to, what, tie it down when we want to go grab something to eat? 

Me: But I want it.

And thus ends the debate. Please keep in mind that it would go in MY luggage, and that it's not just Petra that can fit into it: I can, too! With her! Anyway, I want this to be impartial so I'll just keep my emotional pleas out of here and let you judge on fact alone. TIA!