You Used To Call Me On My Home Phone

I may be the last person on earth with a landline. Barely anyone knows my number apart from telemarketers and even my parents call me on my cell but for reasons both practical and sentimental, I just can't let it go despite my husband's pleas to cut it out of our monthly billing. Here's why I can't bear to ditch my home phone:

It's comfy.

Besides the danger of radiofrequency waves being directed at your head whilst you talk on a phone, I also don't find holding a flat brick to be very ergonomic. But my old Panasonic? Heaven. I mean, it dies pretty quick these days but I've got three so I can just switch mid-convo.

It's my number.

I've had the same phone number for fifteen years or so, ever since I moved in with my now-husband, Tyler. Before that, I shared a number with my brother at my parents' house and although he got to keep it, he recently gave it up, rendering what was once listed as Teen Line in a phone book, obsolete. (Terrible idea to self-identify the phone numbers of teenagers in a public directory aaand let's just leave it at that.)

Won't somebody think of the children?

With my kiddos, I've got feelings about screen time so phones are a long-distance plan, future-wise. But what happens when my daughter, Petra hits ten or twelve and wants to call a friend up to hang out? Is she calling from my phone to another parent's phone and hoping the parent is with the child? It takes some independence out of the equation, doesn't it? I like the idea of having a family number that any of us can answer and where anyone can reach us. 

My husband is always trying to get rid of it by quoting how much money we would have saved by now so more than anything, I'm posting for some support. If you miss your home phone OR if there's even one other person out there clinging to their home number, please back me up! Or, if you really think it's silly to keep a landline and wanna talk me out of it, I'll try to keep an open mind. 


p.s. Ugh. Just called my old Teen Line number wondering who it had been assigned to and it's out of service. Was hoping to end this on a high note in talking to the winner of my childhood but as it turns out, that landline has sunk. :/