Becoming Mom

I've been asked, "What did you ever do before kids?" and my response is always, "PLENTY." The day before I went into labour I was doing a morning show, joking about giving birth live on air and after that, I jumped in the car and headed to the office where I was e-Commerce Manager for an accessories company. My late, late nights working on Nightclub Confidential as Field Producer were only weeks behind me, so in the evenings I was catching up on hangouts with my husband and friends, and hey, blogging takes time, too! There was PLENTY. I'll write about my whole meandering path at some point but sufficed to say, in a parallel universe (I believe in those), I'm still there doing and I'm loving that life. In this universe, I'm doing on behalf of myself and two kids, and I'm loving it, too.

The two littles in my life are now often my muses because GAH I ADORE THEM and yes, I'm having so much fun being a mom, but my thoughts on motherhood haven't changed: It's important that women be lauded for more than reproducing. I'd like to (re-)share with you my announcement post when I was newly pregnant with my now-three-year-old daughter, Petra, that is, btw, completely surreal to look back on.

Originally published 04/11/14on ourcollectivemuse.comphotos by my dear friend and Our Collective Muse blogger, Karyn Kimberley.

Maygen Kardash pregnancy announcement.jpg

Well, here I am. Just over four months pregnant and feeling happy and excited, if a little nervous. I'd put off an announcement for no apparent reason but figured I should share my joy eventually. Now when you run into me on the street and Ive failed to mention I'm expecting, this way you won't wonder if a congrats is in order. Which it is ;)

With my ninth anniversary coming up, I must thank my husband for his patience. I wasn't really sure for a long time about having a baby because I really like my life as is, and I think there are many worthy things a woman can do with her life besides being a mother.  This is getting pretty honest, but yeah: I hope for you that you don't feel pressured to define yourself with one role (my parents were so awesome in teaching me that). But at 33 and done touring every season with my band, I am finally sure I want to have a little one (in no small part due to being around some wonderful and well-rounded mothers in the Our Collective Muse group). And I'm halfway there to getting my wish.

Beyond my own capable mother, I am inspired by my beautiful mom-friend and fellow blogger Karyn Kimberley, whose professional photography you're seeing here. To her, each moment with her son Noah brings an opportunity to enjoy life through his eyes and I'm looking forward to having that with my own little one!

pregnancy announcement maternity photos.jpg

So far, not a ton has changed in my life. I've got this belly going on and I'm a little tired sometimes but other than avoiding runny yolks, alcohol, unpasteurized cheese, and too much caffeine, things are pretty normal. Oh, and I'm in love with all of my new tops with ruching along the sides! Thank gawd for Asos maternity wear (although I could live without the duty fees).

reflections on motherhood.jpg

So cheers to new adventures ahead! I've been singing and talking to my upcoming kidlet and the other day I felt for the first time what I'm sure was the baby moving. If you've had a baby of your own, you know how cool that moment is! Juuuuuust surreal. 

Thanks to Karyn Kimberley for these lovely photos that capture a really big moment in my life. AND to my dear friend, inspiring mom-friend, and ah-mazing makeup artist Lisa Hallam for this gorgeous makeup! It's not just the glow of impending motherhood that you're seeing here. ;) Next up, thinking of the perfect name for Little One. No pressure, right?