Let's just start by saying I love my kids. It borders on obsession. They're cute and funny and bright and my whole heart and soul, okay? And I'm not just saying that so you won't think I'm a monster when I tell you: FRIDAY IS EVERYTHING.

Five days straight, I've been a human gondola for a seven-month-old whose leg strength seems like a superpower, I've held his hand so he can walk (he's like a foot tall so ain't no way I'm thinking about my posture), and kept him safe (which seems obvious and easy but the guy is seemingly a masochist who'd like nothing better than to nom on cat food or Hungry Hungry Hippos marbles and climb down stairs face first). He does not nap. Yeah I know, but my doctor says it's ok. 🤷 


As if nine hours of that isn't tiring, I've got a threenager to hang with. Again, love of my life, but if I have to play "Swimming Horse" for one more day in a row, I worry I'd break down and tell her it's a ridiculous game and I don't wanna play. Also, it's backbreaking because I'm the horse. Oh, don't know this game? What about "Princess Princess" where she's a princess and I have to roleplay a never-ending variety of fans who have been waiting their whole lives to meet her? And this says nothing of talking her down before or during meltdowns, crouching in front of a toilet holding my baby whose signaled he's gotta go, packing up and taking the kids to activities, making healthy meals and snacks with 'help' from a 3-year-old, reading story after story with all the right voices (I never say no to a book because we don't do screen time),  facilitating messy art and loud music-making, and repeatedly cleaning up after a mister whose baby led faves include yogurt, berries, and peanut butter. 

By Friday, I just need to tap out for an hour or two.  

Fridays have meant so many different things to me: as a server, it was when I worked hardest; in a band, my best shows were on the weekend; as an E-commerce Manager, I left the office; field producing Nightclub Confidential, it meant catching a lot of action on camera but not a lot of sleep. But until I parented solo for nine hours a day, Friday has never heralded such relief.


There's no lunch break, no sick days, no calling it in, no closing up shop. Being a stay at home mom to very young children isn't a "job" because it's a trivial thing to do, but because it's an emotional commitment unlike any other. The fact that many single moms are doing it on their own with no Friday or any day of reprieve to count down toward boggles my mind. 🙌 Ladies, I see what you're doing and it is awesome.🙌 

My husband is involved, loving, helpful... Everything I could I could hope for in a baby daddy, and my parents are supportive, too. But five full days later, my love letter to Friday stands. 

For y'all rocking this gig, this hug is for you. And to those of you with a stay at home parent in your life, pass along a hug of your own. They've made it all the way to Friday.