Back to (pre)school shopping guide

September is approaching at the wildest clip and for those of us moms with preschoolers, or kids who are weeks away from assuming the role for the first time, that means preparations are underway. Unlike big kid schools, we don’t have extreme lists of supplies and days might not include lunches, but apart from the obligatory Kleenex box, Band-Aids, and indoor shoes, there are a few things you’ll be glad to gift your child as they head to class. Here are a few items that top my back-to-preschool list.

All items available at Cravings Saskatoon except personalized Lovable Labels available to order via their site.

preschool essentials by saskatoon mom blogger maygen kardash
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SNACKTIME IS A BIG DEAL AT PRESCHOOL. Like, a deserves-caps-for-a-first-sentence kind of big deal. It’s a taste of home, a reminder that they’ve got a big ol’ safety net no matter how the day is going at preschool. It’s hard to believe that at 4, Petra will be in her third year of preschool this year, but I remember giving her a Skip Hop lunch kit (I chose a goofy green lizard with big eyes and its tongue out because she liked being silly, too) and seeing her carrying it so proudly to the car. Oh no. I’m crying and I’m only at the second paragraph.

Also pictured above: Skip Hop water bottles because co-ord is cute, ReZip reusable snack bags because we’re trying to reduce waste around here and ONE of these things replaces 300 disposables, a stainless steel bento box from LunchBots (we’ve used the same one every day since Petra began preschool and it’s the best), a sustainably-grown bamboo utensil set from ToGo, and of course…

…LABELS FOR EVERYTHING. I like Lovable Labels because the colours are vivid, the sizes are well-thought-out, the stickers are 3M so you know they’re going to stand up to wear, and standard shipping is always free.

preschool best labels canada.jpg

Skip Hop also makes a great preschool-sized backpack that can either match or compliment your lunch kit. The new dragon Zoo Pack is pretty darn adorable and check out the dog tag label from Lovable on the kitty bag— genius.

preschool educational gifts
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You may or may not have pencils on your list, but I know from experience that when kids are learning at school, they are even more excited about doing so at home. These Melissa and Doug learning mats (available in a few themes) are able to be used over and over again with a regular HB which will wipe right off. What a delight it is to get a pencil and eraser set when you’re a kid. Aaaand look, there are labels that size just in case they end up preschool-bound.

foreverly yours saskatoon scrunchies

It’s a scrunchie Renaissance lately and even if Petra goes to school with hair down, there’s usually a point in the day when she’s running around and wants a quick topknot. Make it easy on the teacher by sending one of these hair ties, locally-made by ForEverly Yours, as a bracelet until it’s otherwise needed.

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And although I don’t do that huge back-to-school shop that some mamas do because my girl’s got a fine wardrobe as is, it feels special to wear a new outfit for your first day. And aren’t these sweaters by Portage and Main and Chaser perfect? But don’t forget, if you’re sending it as a second layer, label label label!

Happy prepping, mamas.