If you’re in the same boat as me and “mom” is a verb most of the time, we probably agree on at least one thing, and that is: time to yourself is the most delectable treat. Not to discount the awesomeness that is momming, or the wonderousness that is being with your kids for hours and hours every day, but ohhhh just to zone out and look at your phone while no one says “watch me, mom!” or “I need help, mom” or just “mom mom mom mom mom” even when you’re already making direct eye contact? Priceless. Me Time, as they call it, is often billed as a spa day or solo vacation… but in real life, it looks a little different.

saskatoon mom blogger maygen kardash does me time at taco bell.jpg

More often than not, it looks like me in a Taco Bell parking lot.

When I drop Petra off at an afternoon activity and Paris falls asleep on the way home, I just know he’s going to wake up when I try to get him into bed. But I can extend the nap in the car, sooo it’s Drive Thru and phone zone FTW! The time is almost as satisfying as a spa day, and it’s definitely more delicious.

mom blogger maygen kardash for taco bell.jpg

I recline my seat, tuck up all comfy, and eat my seven layer bean burrito (because last year, I asked the person on the speaker what the most delicious vegetarian item on the whole menu is and it was their fave). I scroll through Insta to see what my friends are up to, reply to some emails, maybe work on a blog, and listen to the Beatles Channel. It’s a great time. And no one is calling my name.

The seven layer bean burrito is still all I’d tried until this week, if you can believe it. What can I say, it’s yummy and I’m a creature of habit. Buuut as fortune would have it, Taco Bell asked if I’d like to sample their vegetarian options. So for the first time, I went in to Taco Bell. With my family (different location because the other one is my turf only). AND I ordered a few things to try! I know, unprecedented all around since I usually save Taco Bell for me and me only. Here’s what we shared, ordering all of the following to be vegetarian:


taco bell canada vegetarian crunchwrap supreme.jpg

Crunchwrap Supreme. Hungry? Like, real hungry? This has a crunchy shell stuffed with beans, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese sauce, sour cream with a soft wrap overtop and feels like the size of three tacos.

taco bell canada vegetarian taco salad.jpg


Taco Salad. Rice, refried beans, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, tortilla strips, and guacamole, served with taco chips on the side made for a satisfying dippin’ dinner.

 Cheesy Gordita Crunch. My husband liked this (it was pretty much eaten before I could grab a pic) but I’m not a huge fan of nacho cheese sauce unless it’s on plain taco chips and you can taste it way more on this than the Crunchwrap Supreme. Love quesa? This is for you.

taco bell canada vegetarian chalupa.jpg

Chalupa Supreme, made vegetarian. My first chalupa and guess what, it’ll totally get this again! I’m pretty loyal to my regular order but this crispy shell reminded me of The Ex and I really liked it.

Thanks to Taco Bell for having me in to try a few of their vegetarian menu items! And since we’re back to school right away, I’m sure I’ll be hangin’ on their turf at some point soon so I guess I should thank them in advance for letting me loiter with my seven layer bean burrito in hand. Maybe I’ll seeya in the lot.