The Jolie Pits

Ages ago, I bought deodorant by accident, not realizing in the aisle there was a difference between that and antiperspirant. The experience stuck with me-- slimy armpits aren't a joy I was eager to experience again. Of course, I assumed natural deodorant would offer a similar experience, possibly being even less effective since the promise of no chemicals would certainly put it at a disadvantage. *But Y'ALL*. I am just over a week into using Naked Kitty deodorant from Green Tree Beauty and I'm so in, I think I've worked it into every conversation I've had. Here's what's going on.

naked kitty green tree beauty natural deodorant

I'm wearing tight tees, armholes that come right up to meet my arm, hanging out in the sun... and somehow I am feeling dry. I actually texted Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz, Owner of Green Tree Beauty to ask her if that was possible and she said yep, it's the baking soda, tea tree oil, arrowroot powder, and bentonite clay. Like it was NBD. For me, it was a revolution. I don't have to wear aluminium (the mining of which isn't doing wonders for our earth, the feeling of which isn't exactly making my skin baby soft, and whose health impact I feel like will be debated eternally) but it feels like I'm wearing my normal brand? 

naked kitty natural deodorant

Trust me when I say I NEVER thought I'd be writing this but here I am, pretty much trying Naked Kitty on a dare from Jennilee and I'm absolutely blown away. And the cherry on top? It's made in Saskatchewan.

Okay, passing the dare along to you. ;)