Shine On

Girls and glitter. As a Brownie leader, I know the obsession starts young and as a former raver (so glad Facebook doesn't go back that far), I know it can be pretty consuming. Heck, I STILL love glitter and though now I mostly confine it to my eyelids, dusting it across my skin isn't far off my radar and we can all agree that shoulders are sultry with a bit of sparkle. But unfortunately, almost all glitter is made of plastic and that's a problem. Grains like plastic glitter that are less than 5mm in size are considered microplastics and those head down drains into rivers and oceans, becoming unwelcome feed for fish and marine life, harming the animals and the people who eat them. Fortunately for glitter lovers like my daughter Petra and her friend Kesenna, not all glitter is created equal. In fact, one is created eco

I just wrote about a natural deodorant that was a surprise hit for me. Glitterevoltion, a plastic-free glitter is from the same shop: Green Tree Beauty. Made of easily biodegradable (I'm talkin', biodegradable in wastewater), plant-based sparkles, Glitterevolution offers guilt-free glam that as a mom, I'm also just more comfortable using on my little one's skin.

The little tin is full of loose glitter so to apply on two on-the-go kids, I mixed a bit with lotion. If I were doing it on myself, I know from experience that putting Vaseline on the skin and using a brush to apply product directly works even better. ;) For eyelids, a primer is sticky enough to hold it on well. 

Kesenna and Petra also enjoyed crafting with Glitterevolution, as you can see. Like anything, it ended up on the kids as much as on paper so I was glad to be able to wash their hands off without a second thought, unlike the regular microplastic kind. 

Check out the Glitterevolution colour array at Green Tree online or in Saskatoon, at their local location inside Alchemy on 2nd Avenue. And if you love natural but effective beauty products, keep your eyes peeled for a Green Tree product giveaway, coming up soon!