I cannot believe it's already *two weeks ago* that I was in the hospital with false labour and released with the nod that delivery was imminent. Turns out 'imminent' is a flexible term, guys! At the time, my doctor told me she'd would soon be out of town for a week (this one), a surprise that kicked me into action to get the baby a-moving. I googled how to naturally induce and did seriously everything on the list minus drinking castor oil, because ew. Reflexology, spicy food, lots of stairs... I even bought a pineapple and ate the whole thing in one sitting. Nothing. And although I'm now doing the exact opposite and hoping to make it until at least Monday so I have my doctor at my side, I will say the extra bit of time has been nice for making preparations. Not for the baby so much, but for myself. Because although of course, I want my new son to be clothed, cared for, and comfortable, my after-delivery happiness is just as important as his.

Here's a list of post-partum self-care preparations I'm happy to have checked off:

  • Restocked my pantry with nuts and trail mix, kept my cut-up veggies topped up, threw some spinach pizzas in the freezer, and picked up some extra apples and Japanese mandarins... because finding time to eat is somehow challenging with a newborn. Don't ask me why because all I remember is that it's a fact.
  • Got the hot tub chemicals perfectly balanced because nine months of looking out at it longingly is long enough. (Thanks to my husband for this.)
  • Bought a pretty new nursing bra.
  • Made sure my fridge is clean. 
  • Sold my holiday maternity wardrobe. Hello cash and seeya never again, you gorgeous bump-hugging gowns!
  • Went out for dinner to places I might not take a newborn. I did this several times.
  • Organized my pretty nursing wardrobe, steaming blouses and wrap dresses so they're ready to go.
  • Kept my hair washing routine down to every 4 days just in case I have a couple days in the hospital. Dry shampoo can only help for so long and I'm committed to having my hair down.
  • Had my eyelashes filled... twice... to make certain they're as full as possible. Zero makeup feels pretty with great lashes, y'know, and Sage Beauty Bar (formerly Le Lash, now located in Stonebridge) has the comfiest loungers so I could reposition to my side a bit in late pregnancy.
  • Most important: put some sparkly 'on ice'. I picked Barefoot not because it's my favourite but because of the logo. Cute, right? After watching people enjoy patio beers in the sun all summer long, feeling jealous at champagne receptions, and missing the beginning of red wine season, I can hardly wait to make a toast to my family of four! 

Should I do any other non-essential-but-comfort-causing chores for myself before the big event? I find it so hard to remember what I wanted right after Petra was born. Also, if you've got any tips other than bedrest on keeping this baby in until Monday, I'll TAKE EM. Wish me luck!