Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

My daughter, whose favourite #ootd is comprised of a pink fuzzy jacket and pink sparkly pants despite my suggestions of black jeans and an army jacket, I smile to watch you pull puffy skirts over any outfit in need of a pick-me-up or to clip a bow on the ponytail you’ve ordered to be a high one or a low. Your style is all you: playful, fun, creative, interesting, and smart. You assure me the pieces you’re wearing match and you tell me why, not only based on tone but on texture or theme, and even when I look dubious, you’re resolute in your reasoning and proud of your choice. I love that about you, my girl. And I love watching your personal style develop alongside your sense of self.

I will say, there is a lot of pink and frills.

Photos: Joi Photography // Makeup: Holly Decker // Hair: Rachel Stange

maygen and petra kardash by joi photography saskatoon.jpg

At first, I wasn’t sure about encouraging what’s traditionally seen as ‘girly’ because I want you to know that typical mould laid out for females is a construct and that you’re free to look however you want to look. In a time that is only slowly embracing the idea that we should question gender norms, I wondered, should I have taken more of a stance for gender neutrality? After all, before you were even born I chose a palette of soft shimmering rose with accents of bright florals for your bedroom décor.

But then. You bring me books about space and machinery to read and ask me to draw roads for your Hot Wheels. You build the most imaginative vehicles with Lego (because obviously cars need satellite dishes and ladders). And I think, who cares if you’re doing it in a princess dress?

petra kardash by joi photography saskatoon.jpg

Your affection for pretty things is one facet of your confident, curious, kind, and steadfast nature; it’s part of who you are and I love all of you. As a stylist, my job is to accept and build upon every person’s unique style and I hope to model an appreciation for the infinite diversity of fashion and personalities in the world. And that starts with appreciating yours.

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