Mama And Mini Style

Although my daughter, Petra has a unique style that can only be captured by her daily instagram, she is always excited to wear anything that's "just like mommy" so when Saskatoon brand ForEverly Yours had a call out for mother-daughter brand ambassadors, we put our hands up. Petra has counted a few of their headbands and leggings in her collection and my son, Paris had the sweetest harems by the brand so I knew I'd love the pieces we were given aaaand sure enough, our new matching cardis are cozy and wearable. Here's a few pics my husband Tyler tooks while, notably, he also carried Paris in the Ergo (that's bonus dad points) alongside a few of my other local faves when it comes to twinning.

Ever since my daughter saw Cars, it's like the only acceptable colour for a vehicle is red. Doesn't she know they get more tickets? (At least that's what my dad said when I begged for one as a kid.) Anyway, not our car. But she wished it was.

ForEverly Yours is also doing scrunchies this season, something that both my thick mane and Petra's appreciate when it comes to top knots. 

Another brand I love for twinning is Hardpressed Print Studio. I've got this design as a tank, too, so all three of us can match (which delights Petra, of course).

And how cute is Rebecca King's 3-way sweater for mom and babe?

hen and chick saskatoon handmade toddler aprons

Or, if you've got a budding baker on your hands (play kitchens count), the matching mommy and me aprons at Hen & Chick Studios in Saskatoon are beyond. That's actually co-owner Kiera and her own little chick in this pic-- so sweet!

Do you have any favourite brands that do twinning? Or just love the ForEverly Yours cardis and want to tell momtrepreneur Erin that she's nailing it? Feel free to comment and share the blog with friends that need to know!