Active Essentials (of a no-BS mama)

Should shoes be on the top of a list like this? Because mine are shit. They’re not even my newest pair. I’m on my 5th pair of Nikes, and I bought the wrong style last time so I’m currently wearing the ones that were supposed to be gardening shoes. Not to mention, my dad bought the exact same ones and now I’m twinning with a 60 year old man. So although they are essential to my being active outside, I’m not sure my shoes deserve to be hyped as blogger-style “active essentials”.

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On with the list! Wireless headphones are on some people’s list, but when I’m out and active, I’ve got two little people who are out and active with me, demanding to be heard, so that’s another nope.

maygen kardash ziyia leggings 2.jpg
maygen kardash ziyia leggings.jpg

My high-waisted leggings, though, do belong on this list. These are from Zyia, and have just the right amount of compression, with a waistband that doesn’t roll down the way my last pair did when I’m at my aerial class (I do a lot of bending there). Good to note that Zyia is a direct-buy brand so you need a rep to buy from. Mine were a gift from Alison Molloy-Haines and you can check her catalog out here. I’m truly loving them; they’ve got pockets for my oversized novelty phone and I can do a cartwheel without it falling out which I discovered when I did a cartwheel and and indeed it did not fall out. Most important is that they’ve got light compression and flat seams that happen in all the right places. Essential.

maygen kardash active essentials.jpg

Also important to me is a sports bra without holes cut out where the nipples are (that was my hands-free pumpin system). It took me a while to locate that unicorn of an item in my drawer but here we are. This one’s an oldie by Eric + Lani.

And I’m gonna need a scrunchie. I like the ForEverly Yours ones because the material is soft on my hair (and on my wrist, which is where they live until it’s ponytail time).

If you follow my Insta, you’ll know I’ve promised myself I’ll be active OUTSIDE, every day, no matter the weather this summer. That means I need two types of sunblock, which for me is Mad Hippie for my face (available at Green Tree Beauty) and Goddess Garden mineral spray for my arms and such. Both offer actual SPF sun protection without a bunch of chemicals.

maygen kardash sunglasses.jpg

Being outside also means you need shades and I’ve got some options in my sunglasses drawer. For biking, intense walks, and anything for which I need zero slip, a lightweight fit, and a big lens to keep the sun out, I choose aviators. Mine are the Ray-Ban 3540s.

maygen kardash active essentials jogging stroller.jpg

A Chariot or jogging stroller is everything if you want to walk faster than a 4-year-old. Which I do.

indoor active essentials.jpg

Next on the list is a S’well bottle. Mine isn’t new and it isn’t perfect-looking but I’ll be damned if it’s ever leaked a drop.

And for days that are so hot, I’d rather not move much outside, my essential is an air conditioned basement and one of my treasured Richard Simmons DVDs. I bought one for kitch factor long ago and it turns out they’re not just hilarious but a great, positive workout.

Itsy bitsy weights might not seem like they do much but when I’ve been on Richard Simmons kicks before, adding them in made all the dif. I started with soup cans until I was sure. Ha!

I use my yoga mat ALL the time. Through my pregnancies I loved my prenatal yoga DVD but more often than not, I’m just stretching.

maygen kardash fly yxe.jpg

And rounding out the list is a good class or group activity. Zumba, Crossfit, boot camp, a running pack, yoga…whatever floats your boat, getting out and being social even if you’re not really talking to other people the whole time feels GREAT. Like for a moment your name is not Mom. My thing is aerial arts, and I’m happy to be back on the silks at Fly YXE after an ages-long hiatus (this here’s an old pic but you get the idea).

As always, I’d love to hear what’s on your list (and what definitely is NOT) so feel free to comment. I love a good convo.