Indulgence: it gets a rap of being expensive, inaccessible, and infrequent. For most people, indulgence conjures images of long, lazy spa days, boozy trips to Vegas, or big-budget dining experiences paid for on nearly maxed-out credit cards but in my mind, there's no reason not to indulge a little every day. Even if it's one of those meetings-til-five, rush-to-make-dinner, and getting-the-house-in-order-until-you-finally-allow-yourself-a-Netflix-break days, I promise you can find time to gift yourself a treat or two. Here are a few of my favourite simple indulgences.

treat yourself to small indulgences ideas

Fruit is my jam and the Okanogan picking season doesn't last forever. I buy cherries and peaches the moment they're available but always keep plenty of washed and cut fruit on hand for home or to-go. You can feel it recharging your body. It's the *best*. Bonus points if you read the paper or a magazine whilst enjoying it!

toddler picnic ideas.jpg

Presentation changes the way you feel about food and everything looks better on a board. Instead of shaking crackers onto a plate and putting a hunk of cheese next to them, I take a bit of vegetarianized inspo from the charcuterie board and ta-da, even a quick snack with my toddler feels decadent.

And no matter my day's schedule, I make a point of getting outside every day to enjoy the sun, wind, rain, or snow. On days that allow, I take that pretty snack I just made outside for a picnic, but even a ten-minute bike ride, walk, or coffee break makes me feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and better connected with the earth. 

saje diffuser namaste essential oils review

You don't have to have company coming to add a few favourite drops of oil to your diffuser. To create a relaxing, spa-like environment all of my own, I love the Saje Unwind essential oil blend (though the whole Namaste collection is lovely). If you don't yet have a diffuser, going to Saje to choose oils by smelling each one, even if you just put your favourite on a wish list, is a worthwhile indulgence you can fit in over lunch-hour. 

Both a hiatus from, or a dive right into life is possible through music. Playing an entire album front-to-back is the ultimate indulgence if you've got the time, but actively listening to one song be it a nostalgic romp into your childhood or a happy pop hit is grand. I like to listen closely doing whatever is most meditative in the moment: closing my eyes, focusing on a tree outside, or just staring into space. I find baroque music makes me feel more alert, focused, and resets my mind while jazz gets me thinking creatively. Try a few genres to get an idea of how each makes you feel.

Reading is high on my list of faves but most of the time, I find myself doing it for educational purposes, for work, or to my kiddo. Maybe that's why it feels especially hedonistic to buy a style mag to read on the plane or during my picnic lunch. Bring on the pulp!

Maygen Kardash pearls and tshirt

Wearing a borrowed or gifted piece of clothing or jewellery reminds me of the fortune of love I have in my life and when I put that piece on, I make sure to feel as thankful then as when it was given to me. And I never save my "best" pieces, but rather I enjoy them frequently! Go ahead, wear pearls with a t-shirt. (My strand was a gift from my late Great-Aunt Emma so I feel extra special wearing them even if I don't have time for hair and makeup!)

Soft lips feel luxurious and all it takes is an at-home mini spa treatment. My little routine begins with Sugar Lip Polish by Fresh and finishes with Dior LipAddict Lip Glow but a homemade sugar scrub and vaseline gloss will feel as fantastic and give you the same beautiful result.

As you can see from the pic above, most of the time, when it comes to makeup I max out at mineral sunblock, but dipping into my makeup stash and spending my time selfishly in the mirror makes for a new attitude. Playing with highlighter, contouring powder, and my eye makeup arsenal has diva-inducing power. Have all that stuff but don't know where to start? YouTube will help. Have none of the stuff? Sephora sample trip it is.

the perfect latte

My favourite morning indulgence involves beans my husband roasts weekly and an espresso machine. Just look at this latte I get to dive into, lucky me!! But if we didn't have all the bells and whistles, a good french press would bring me as much joy. I don't know about you but starting with a lavish cuppa makes my whole day shine.

Of course, since I'm pregnant, my very favourite libation of choice (champagne) isn't on the table but I've been absolutely delighting in virgin creations made with my Soda Stream—I find everything is better with some sparkle!

luxurious well made bed inspiration

Hotel beds are inviting but when mine is nicely made, getting into it is EVERYTHING. I always left my bed a mess until I hired a cleaner who made coming home feel like stepping into a resort. So this suggestion is two-part: if it's in your budget at the moment, a housecleaner is scientifically proven to be a worthwhile indulgence because it directly affects your happiness. But if that's not on the table, no prob. Round up as many pillows as you can, grab a throw, and make your bed with care for lavishly laid-out comfort. You'll feel like royalty as you mess it up later!

So let's stop seeing indulgence as something we can't have often-- life is short and you shouldn't wait to enjoy it, fully. Oh, I'd love to hear about your favourite indulgences, too; one can never have too many ideas when it comes to little luxuries!