Best Dressed at the Fest

Another SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival wrapped up this past weekend but people in Saskatoon are still buzzing about their favourite shows and which artists they're kickin' themselves for skipping (I was disappointed that kid-related reasons saw me miss my childhood fave, Tom Cochrane and my girl, vocalist Tatrina Tai). One stand-out show I did catch was Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite, an energy-rich blues set that had the whole Gardens moving. Before they hit the stage, I also checked out some festival fashion alongside my friend, photographer, and Our Collective Muse blogger, Karyn Kimberley. Here are a few people that stood out to us!

susan busse sneakers and lipstick blog

Festival publicist, Susan Busse, was wearing a vintage dress from local shop, Better Off Duds and we thought she was angelic.

sneakers and lipstick saskatoon style blog

Amanda works at one of my favorite restaurants in town, The Hollows, so she likes to keep things light and breezy when she's serving. This vintage skirt with boy shorts underneath was the perfect work-to-festival pick.

celeste and odette nicholson saskatoon sneakers and lipstick

Celeste and Odette made for a fashionable duo. Celeste had seen her little set on someone else, asked where it was from, and snagged it for twenty five bucks in another colorway. Gotta love cheap and fun when it gets great wear. She also packed a change for warmth: a pair of overalls I saw her in after the sun went down. Cute! Odette was in Paris and picked her eye-catching mesh shift up there at Zara.

hello begonia music sneakers and lipstick blog

Opening act, Begonia was the talk of the Gardens for her stellar vocals but we also adorrrred her vintage style. She rifles through second-hand shops in her hometown, Toronto, finds what she loves, and makes it her own.

desiree martin by karyn kimberley for sneakers and lipstick

Festival photographer and blogger Desiree Martin is all about the accessories. She chose tassel earrings, a studded backpack/camera bag, and an open weave loafer to pair with her raw edge denim.

karyn kimberley for sneakers and lipstick blog

Emily caught our attention with her sunflower romper... and that she was double-fisting local beer! Yeah, girl! Emily loves florals, big patterns, and this is pretty indicative of her daily style. The romper, not the double beer.

john early sneakers and lipstick

We caught Jon Early, who'd been intro'ing a few bands at Jazz Fest, with his friends Jay, Jewels, and Kevin. We always love Jon's signature style but also dug Jewels' bodysuit (it was a super-low back which I've never been able to wear and am always a little jelly about).

sneakers and lipstick saskatoon style blog

This is Chris and Jan, super cute friends who (and this is their exact words) share closets and are both Polish. 🤷‍♀️😂

sneakers and lipstick saskatoon style blog

Tristan was looking easy breezy. I asked if she'd dressed up for the event but she said this outfit was her everyday style: functional, comfortable, and simply made her feel good to wear. 

saskatoon style blog sneakers and lipstick

Local tech company, Vendasta, employs all the cool kids. Like Seyi here, who dresses like this for work, minus the hat.


Makeup Artist and blogger, Holly Decker is a major Ben Harper fan and put some thought into this adorable outfit with a major '70s blues and soul vibe-- perfect for the show. 

hal saskatoon style blog

To know producer and drummer, Hal Schrenk is to love him! I wrote a bunch of stuff about how accomplished he is but then I thought, let's stick to style and people can just google him if they like. So here's Hal, in a relaxed but rad outfit that's so him.  

saskatoon style blog sneakers and lipstick

I asked Kamilla here if we could take her photo and as we were talking, her boyfriend came over: designer and video producer, Matthew Chrones Scott, who just so happens to be a dear friend of mine! They were in from Toronto visiting his family. Best coincidence ever. This is their everyday style: creative, hard, cool. 

style bloggers saskatoon

And from there, the sun went down, we grabbed a beer (thanks, S.J.!), and we headed to the front of the stage. So long, SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival. Until next year!

xo Karyn + Maygen