Best Dressed at the Fest 2019

Music festivals offer one of my favourite fashion seasons (and yes, it’s a season!) because in a climate of post-normcore fashion amidst the staying power of athleisure, people need the excuse of “festival” to break out and do something different. It was in the spirit of capturing those interesting outfits, the personality that is so often made homogeneous with tiles of the exact same filter on Insta that brought photographer Karyn Kimberley and I to the Walk Off The Earth show that kicked off the SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival.

Me and some humidity.

Me and some humidity.

Only one issue: people were REALLY prepared for rain. There were a lot of plastic rain ponchos. But within the sea of rainwear, there were a few standouts in the style realm. So please say hello to our style winners!

sasktel jazzfest style blog

Samantha thought “festival” for her outfit (as one should), which for her means bright colors, bold, and lots of contrast.

sasktel saskatchewan  jazz festival 2019 stye blog

Kayla and Tawnya work at Midtown and stopped by MAC for their rainbows in honour of Pride.

sasktel saskatchewan jazz fest style blog

This is Shelby and Victoria. Their mindset was a little bit comfy, a little bit cute, and yes they’re prepared for the weather but wouldn’t be pulling their raingear out until the last second. As you can see, Victoria is repping local with her Hardpressed tee.

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Piper-Dawn was inspired to break out the fringe and fun by Walk Off the Earth, a band known for their bold style. Quote of the night was when we complimented her and her reply was: “Not bad for 50!”

saskatoon style blog jazzfest 2019

Austrailian Brooke lives in Banff and would usually go a little more bohemian yet, but wasn’t sure how much people dressed up. We thought her take was perfect.

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Jody was already dressed up for pride but prides herself on being a little bit extra. See what I did there?

saskatoon jazzfest nicole romanoff sj kardash

Moto jackets are always in style and festival photographer Nicole Romanoff (alongside her partner and my little b, Reignwolf bassist S.J. Kardash) rocked hers accordingly.

sasktel jazz fest 2019 style blog

Not all rainwear is created equal and we loved how Aiden brought some colour alongside her slouchy beanie. “This is just how I just look.” Well kudos for being cute on the regular, Aiden.

sasktel jazzfest style 2019

Shabrie, Gloria, and Shantelle dressed for weather, but not obviously. The hat and sneakily hidden raingear meant their outfits could shine even when the sun wasn’t.

sask jazz fest style blog 2019

Catherine, Jared, and little Enver looked so sweet together and upped the family fashion bar for all of us. Jared plays in Parab Poet and the Hip Hop Hippies who’d played a fabulous opening set.  


Now this is festival style. Thank you, Tanis and Addi. Cut offs, fringe, colour, woven fabric… it’s everything we were hoping to see. Also, FINALLY Karyn makes an appearance in this blog. Animal print booties and surplus jacket paired with ripped jeans? Our photog is deservedly on the best dressed list.

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Look at these cuties! Meet Kate and Adriana, in outfitting they normally wear but that looks just right at an outdoor concert.


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 You can usually find Ashlyn adventuring outdoors, sharing her stories on The Lost Girls Guide but she also dresses for the occasion, which brings us to this casually chic outfit. Bonus, the hat doubled as a rain guard.

petra kardash saskatoon style blog

My bae Petra joined us for the show, and although the rain was already upon us, at least she brought the colour. And if her little mug and one other on the list look familiar, it’s because Petra found her umbrella twin in Jody. Couldn’t resist using it as a title pic.

Speaking of JazzFest, I’ve got a contest on the go for a pair of tickets to Rosie and the Riveters PLUS a styled photoshoot with Joi Photography. Click on through to enter now!

Speaking of JazzFest, I’ve got a contest on the go for a pair of tickets to Rosie and the Riveters PLUS a styled photoshoot with Joi Photography. Click on through to enter now!

Thanks to the SaskTel Saskatchewan JazzFest for having us last night and to everyone on the list for dressing up a bit. Looking forward to seeing what else y’all wear this week! Oh and I’m taking over the JazzFest insta Tuesday/Wednesday so if you’re not already following them, here’s a good opportunity. ;)


Maygen + Karyn