Has anyone made a false assumption about you? Let me do some assuming: yes. Whether it’s the lines you vote along, that you’re of a certain religion, that you side one way on a divisive issue, your sexuality, or just getting your personality all wrong, it’s uncomfortable to be misjudged. And when it happens, I hope you are in a position to say something.

Anyone who knows me and/or follows Sneakers & Lipstick understands my mandate is to build a supportive, inclusive community, buuuut that didn’t completely line up with the worried-mom narrative that was expected from me on the 6:00 news last night. They were over for an interview about thirst trapping (posting sexy pics to grow social accounts) and I was asked to speak to the topic however I liked. Mostly, I talked about being pro-body-agency but of course I mentioned I’m hopeful my daughter grows up confident and seeking validation from within and from her real community for good things she’s up to. Guess which part they used. No big deal to omit what they liked and I stand by what I said about hoping my daughter won’t rely on ‘likes’ for self-worth, but what happened when I didn’t say I found the trend concerning? They said it for me. Right overtop of some B-roll. “Kardash isn’t a fan of the trend.” Oh? News to me.

The worst part is that, because a story needs two sides, I seemed pitted against the other woman to speak on the issue, someone whose feed is full of skin shots because she wants (and gets) endorsements from swimwear and other on-brand affiliates. Her endeavor doesn’t bother me at all. Ugh, hope she sees this. You do you, friend! Do I hope my daughter will do that with her account when she’s 18? Well, I’m raising a smart, savvy, person with diverse interests so I guess my answer is, hers is not my body.

maygen kardash boudoir by joi.jpg

Oh and speaking of my body, here’s another picture of it. Enjoy or don’t! :)

Photos by Joi Phototography.