What Mama Really Wants

Hey, mom here. I love flowers. Actually, really love them. I also like chocolate. And essential oil, slippers, candles, cards handmade by my four-year old… well, especially that last one. And not gonna lie, I’m happy that there’s a day that’s all about me because a lot of the time, my days are all about EVERYONE BUT ME. But I’m going to get real here and let you in on a secret: there are a few things on most moms’ wish list, and I haven’t mentioned a one of them yet.

Just to be sure I wasn’t totally off base, I consulted with some fellow mamas and… nope, nailed it. In fact, lemme just have some of them take the floor. What do you want, moms?

Kirsten Wylie: A “Me” day! A day where he gets up early and takes the kids for 24 hours to the grandparents house. I get to sleep in, drink coffee in bed while binging on Netflix, go shopping, take a nap, order in dinner, then watch movies, eat snacks, and drink wine. I can stay up late because there’s no little ones to wake me up during the night. They can arrive home at noon the next day 😂 OH... and i would love the house to be nice and clean before this happens so I’m not staring at a mess all day…hahaha a girl can dream. 💕

Cassie Torie: I usually ask for a pedicure. I would LOVE for my husband to clean the house, or at least help a little....but that doesn’t happen. A house cleaner to come in and do a deep clean would be a dreeeeaaaam.

Brandi Watt: A night alone in a hotel. No sharing my food. No "mom! Watch me! Mom! Look!" while I sit in the hot tub. Just me. Uninterrupted sleep.😌😌😌

Amy Gunchoski Derbowka: Best gift? Kids doing their chores without complaining!

Jessica Lynn: A spa day, or a day to myself to read a book. I am still waiting for my birthday gift from January...

Lisa Ilko: A mommy and me photo shoot.

I’m gonna jump in and summarize: we would love a clean house without having to clean it, some time to ourselves where we are pampered instead of doing the pampering, and then to reunite happily with our families and have everyone smile because we actually feel relaxed. We’d also like a photo of this historic moment.

We’d also like to feel valued and listened to:

Jacy King: I’d like an actual thought-through gift, or something the kids have helped him decide on. Or a plan of something fun for us to do as a family. I have had to go into a store and pick out something for myself after Mother’s Day the last two years 🙈 and we never actually do anything. 🤷‍♀️😂

Caitlin Xaviera Cleghorn: The other day while shopping with my two-year-old son and his dad I saw some coffee cups that I LOVED. While putting the groceries in the car I loudly (very obviously providing a suggestion...or so I thought lol) told my son how much mommy loved the coffee cups. My spouse looked at me and, thinking I was going to go purchase them, said "Nope. I veto you getting any more coffee cups. You have eighteen." So I'm guessing I won't get what I asked for… but I did inform him that he is crushing my dreams so maybe he'll come to his senses 😉
In all seriousness I would most love some professional family photos, but that is all kinds of unlikely lol.

Now don’t get us wrong, WE LOVE IT ALL. Flowers, thoughtful gifts, those homemade cards. But a moment to just… breathe without interruption is a treat, especially for those of us who stay at home.

BN Schneider: I love the cheesy cards and handmade gifts. Nothing cuter than kids trying breakfast in bed. Hugs, kisses. Time with kids like park or lunch. Also I’d love some alone time to read, exercise, Epsom salt bath and bath bombs with a nice cooler.

I hope this finds the right ears. Have some thoughts to add, mamas? Comment and share with the person/people who should be listening.